Rebel’s previous owners left him and some rabbits behind in a trailer, in a crate that was way too small. He languished there for days, until he was rescued.

Rebel is a goofy boy, who loves to romp and play, especially with his Jolly Ball. He is very affectionate and wants nothing more than to have a person to love him and give him unlimited belly rubs. Rebel bonds fiercely and can't understand why so many people have disappeared from his life.

Rebel is currently residing at a very nice kennel, but a kennel is no place for any dog to be—he needs a foster or forever home! He would thrive in a home as your one and only, although he does get along with some dogs. He has not been cat tested so we are unsure how he would do with them. Rebel weighs about 75 lbs and is 4-5 years old.

Please consider fostering or adopting Rebel! Rebel is a graduate of CPAA's Hounds of Prison Education (HOPE) program, so he comes with free training for the rest of his life.

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