Lucy, along with three of her puppies, were surrendered to a shelter in October 2015. It is believed that this sweet girl spent most of her life outside. Lucy is 1-2 years old and weighs about 40 lbs.

She is very friendly and loves sitting on laps and giving kisses. Lucy is great with adults and kids!! She loves to sleep either on the couch, a snuggly dog bed, or even nestled up next to her foster Mom and puppy. She lives in a foster home with one of her puppies and three cats. Although she does not harm the cats, she does love to chase them. There has been evidence, though, of an attempted friendship between Lucy and the kitties. She even lived with nine other dogs temporarily and got along well with all of them.

Lucy is quite playful and loves to run around her fenced in yard. She does follow some commands like sit and watch. She plays with stuffed toys, squeaky balls, and plays and snuggles with her pup who is 4 ½ months old. She loves to chew on bones and tasty chew toys. Lucy has charmed her way into the hearts of all of the adults and children she has met since living her new life.

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