Meet Flicker! She’s one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet and would love to call your home hers! This cutie was a rescue from the “mean” streets of Philadelphia where she was found wandering in a rough neighborhood. Thankfully, she made it out of there and she left her life of puppy-making days to finally become the swinging, single girl she deserves to be.

Flicker is approximately 5-6 years old, weighs about 45 pounds, and has recovered well from a minor itchy skin condition that she developed during her past life. She may have a few scars where the hair hasn’t grown back, but those take nothing away from her sparkling smile and happy attitude.

Flicker appears to be a beagle/lab mix and has the cutest hound-mix swagger you've ever seen…just wait until she starts to run and play and see if you don't laugh!

She is dog-friendly, cat-friendly and has done well around the children she has met as well. Please consider adding this former street-smart city girl to your happy home!

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