Brownie is a sweet-as-can-be chocolate lab mix who stands about knee high and weighs approximately 50 lbs. She came to CPAA from a bad situation where she was being crated all the time and was never seen by a vet or received required vaccinations. CPAA had her spayed, vaccinated, and treated for a skin condition that has cleared up nicely.

Unfortunately, Brownie was never properly socialized with other animals. Due to being crated all the time, poor Brownie has never seen what the world has to offer. She is now being walked daily and is discovering everything! She has met some other dogs and did pretty well with the dogs she met. We are also working on her potty training and basic manners. She is very willing and eager to learn and and just needs some guidance. A basic obedience class would be very beneficial to Brownie.

Brownie is currently in a boarding facility and we are looking for a foster or an adopter for her.

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