Beau is a 5-6 year old American Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull mix who weighs about 60 lbs. His story starts in North Carolina where he was found as a stray covered in bite wounds. He was dropped off by the finder at a local animal control where his wounds were treated and he gained some much needed weight. Sadly, it's likely that Beau was used as a bait dog and then dumped once he was of no use to the people anymore.

Beau is in our HOPE Dogs prison program where he has learned a variety of commands as well as basic socialization skills. You can follow his progress and read what his inmate handler has to say about him here:

Beau's temperament is excellent. He's extremely laid back and just wants to be where you are. He loves to sleep with you or curl up in your lap. Beau loves everyone he meets and actively seeks out pets and head scratches from all. Since Beau went from a shelter environment to a prison, he has not been around cats or children so we are unsure how he would do with either. At this point in time, we would prefer to place him in a home with neither since we don't have any background information about how he would react to cats or little kids.

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